Form an amazing partnership with The Stock Trader!

Scalping options trading field is growing in a phenomenal pace, Most of the Introducing brokers already moved the majority of their trading to this field, what’s taking you so long?

With the widest range of instruments and the highest return rates, 60 seconds trading, double up and roll over The Stock Trader intends to answer all requirements of the most beginner traders up to the most professional and biggest traders

  • Introducing Broker is someone who has portfolio of clients who are either already investing in this field or interested in starting.
  • Everyone can be an Introducing Broker, if you are a trader or you own a financial website or you have an investment company or just an ordinary person who know people that are interested in trading, The beauty about it is that anyone can do it!
  • Your clients remain yours! You will be responsible for all the customer interaction whilst we will provide the technology that powers the trading system. Additionally we will provide you with a complete package of marketing, tracking and reporting tools designed to make our partnership mutually rewarding. For further information, please contact us at [email protected] Stock